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Schedule Road Lesson

**Students who wish to drive with TDA and have NOT TAKEN the 30 hour class with us or are enrolling at a later date, MUST call the office prior to booking driving lessons.  Failure to do so, will result in the lesson being cancelled.**  If you have already taken classes or are currently in class sessions can book anytime without calling.

Remember the 24 hour cancellation policy.  If you need to cancel a lesson, use the 'Cancel Road Lesson' link.  Please be considerate in this to avoid a charge.  Thanks

Click on the town where you will be picked up for your driving lesson.

2.  Select on the available options for driving (example: 1hr drive/1 hr observe) **If 'Driving w/my Friend', only ONE (1) Person books the lesson and MUST please put the name of your friend in the 'comments box'

3.  Click 'No Preference'..This searches all the available lessons for ALL cars.  Always click 'no preference' as it will give you many more choices.

4.  Select date and time.

5.  Fill out boxes required..Put a good phone number for your teacher to reach you before lesson and a valid email address for the email reminders.

6.  Lastly, put your permit number, birthdate, address for pickup, and what driving lesson you 'think' it is.

7. Hit 'Continue', then 'Confirm'.

Also, make sure you are all aware of the 21 day advance notice rule to schedule a road test.  It is NO LONGER 15 days.  Check out the Saturday Road Test FAQ section for more information.

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