Feel free to call us: 877-TDA-DRIVE (774.203.3245) or email us @info@teachersdrivingacademy.com 

Q. How much does 30-hour classroom portion cost?

 A. Each of the high schools we teach offer different pricing for the classroom portion.  The prices range between $9-$99, depending on location.

Q. How much is parent class?

A. Parent class at the TDA is FREE.  There is no additional charge for attending a parent class.



Q. How much are driving lessons?

 A. Driving lessons are $55 per hour (behind the wheel driving).  There is no charge for observation.  The total for 12 hours of driving and 6 hours observation is $660.  This is paid directly to the TDA. 

 Q. What is the payment policy?

 A. We’re not the type of school to drive away if you don’t have a check with you the day of your lesson.  That doesn’t do either of us any good.  All we ask is that we can please adhere to the following payment policy.  You can always pay earlier and in full, but this is the minimum requirements.

Lesson #1-(payment of $180 for lessons 1-3 and your state driver's education certificate)
Lesson #4-(payment of $165 for lessons 4-6)
Lesson #7-(payment of $165 for lessons 7-9)
Lesson #10-(payment of $165 for lessons 10-12)

Q. What’s the $15 Driver’s Education certificate fee?

A. This is the $15 we pay the RMV to process your drivers education certificate.  There is NO MARK-UP whatsoever.  This is the exact fee the RMV charges.  Some schools make the teens show up on the last day with a check for $15 made out to the RMV.  If we did this, we are sure some would forget and delay the RMV processing your certificate and ultimately delay you obtaining your license.
Upon Completion of all requirements at an approved Driver's Education School and payment of the required $15 fee by the RMV, the school will send an authorization to the RMV stating you have completed the program. The RMV will then issue a driver’s education certificate. This is no longer mailed to teens by the RMV.  It is electronically put on your driver history and you can verify your certificate at the www.massrmv.com website.

Q. How much does weekend road test sponsorship cost?

A. The fee for alternative road testing is $125.  This fee is non-refundable.  This includes the sponsorship, the use of TDA vehicle, and warm-up lesson before testing.  Mansfield/Foxboro area students will meet at designated location in Mansfield. (*Hopkinton/Ashland area student: also includes shuttle service from Hopkinton High School to test site and drop off back at high school.)   The fee for TDA driver's ed student re-takes in the event of a previous failure with TDA is $75.  
Q. Can I pay online as well as by check/cash?
A. Yes. You can choose to pay online using a credit card if desired.  We use paypal as it is safe and secure and we do not want to have your credit card information.  You do not have to have a paypal account to pay online.  We have never had a problem and consider this the safest way to pay online.

You can also give a check or cash to your teacher when you have driving lessons.

Q. So what’s my total cost going to be?
Ø Classroom Instruction: $9-99 depending on location (payable to high schools)
Ø 12 Driving hours instruction/6 hours observation: $660
Ø Driver’s Education Certificate: $15 (RMV fee but we pay it for you so we don’t hold up your license.)
Ø Parent class:  FREE

Ø Optional Saturday Road test:  $125 (TDA Driver's Education Students)