Feel free to call us: 877-TDA-DRIVE (774.203.3245) or email us @info@teachersdrivingacademy.com 

Did you know? Your CLASSROOM REGISTRATION FEE raises money for local community programs.  

Each year, the TDA raises over $100,000 in your classroom registration fees that go directly back into

your community.  The TDA is committed to being a dedicated partner in the towns we serve.


We currrently offer classroom location in 16 different locations.  

As always, the 2 hour RMV mandated parent class is free.

Please click on each location to view that location's schedule, pricing, and sign-up online.

INCLUDED in all new registrations is the fee due the MASS RMV for a teen's driver's education certificate upon completion of the program.  This is included in your classroom registration and the TDA will pay the RMV on your behalf.  Less hassle for you!