You must be 15 years and 9 months of age to enroll in the class before the start date.  

TDA Teachers Driving Academy web-based virtual online drivers ed drivers ed online traffic school online 

Each class will run Monday thru Friday, 10am-430pm.

A Parent class will be offered each Tuesday evening at 5pm via the web for parents as well.

Class Info

Web-based classes are running the following weeks:

March 30 to April 3

April 6 to April 10

April 13 to April 17

April 20 to April 24

April 27 to May 1

The COVID-19 Crisis

Massachusetts 30 Hour Web-Based Classroom Instruction

The RMV has allowed for web-based classroom instruction TEMPORARILY during this time of the COVID-19 crisis.  Many schools throughout the state may not be ready to support the web-based option at this time, or quite simply, don't have the time.  However, we at TDA are ready to GO!

We are offering the classroom instruction via web-cam for 5 weeks in a row. 

The only thing at this point that the RMV will not allow online is the FINAL EXAM.  They are stating that this has to be done in person.  We are CONFIDENT that this will change as this policy was just instituted a few days ago.  The fee is only $119 and includes fee to RMV for your driver's education certificate.

You can register using the link below:


Feel free to call us: 877-TDA-DRIVE (774.203.3245) or email us @info@teachersdrivingacademy.com